An innovative and easy to use solution for complex camera control!

Control your camera

Control your camera settings remotely from your Windows PC via USB.Trigger image capture via release button on the camera or remotely from your computer.Handhold the camera, shoot, and have the resulting images displayed on the computer monitor.

Instant review

Review images right after photo is captured in full screen or display them instantly on the computer and view histogram and photo metadata. The image loading engine based on Image Magic, which provides a fast image loading even for raw with option to highlight over and underexposed areas in captured photos.

Advanced capture control

Shoot a series of bracketed shots with an arbitrary shutter speed, aperture or exposure value. Advanced interval meter to create a series of time-lapse images based on a highly customizable scheduler. Shooting triggered by motion detection for cameras which support live view.

Live view

Allows you to see the image live through the camera on your computer’s monitor before shooting. You can remotely autofocus or manually adjust the focus. Even zoom in and out so that you can confirm the focus is sharp. For better framing an overlay can be applied to the live image. You can also shoot a series of focus stacked images to connect into one ultimate DOF picture.

Multiple camera support

You can control multiple connected cameras at the same time, triggering photo capture in parallel, or one by one. To improve sync capture also external capture devices are supported like arduino based triggers or USB relays. For better camera management, settings can be synchronized between connected cameras.

High interoperability

The application can be controlled in multiple ways from an external application, using a simple remote application which can be executed with a simple command line argument. The web server function allows for remote control of application to preview captured photos via a web browser on a smartphone or tablet.

Astronomy module

A simple module to help long exposure photography with scripting support to automatize repeating tasks. For precise focusing it is used a special live view window where it is displayed the focused star size and controls to set live view brightness and magnification

Open source

The application is free to use under MIT license even in commercial applications. Moreover, you can download the source code and modify it for your needs.

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What People Are Saying.

  • Amazing application. Would recommend digiCamControl to photographers at any level..

    Werner Koegelenberg
  • I love it, simple but better then some other. Good job.

    Hervé Reynis
  • Great program, used for focus stacking on the Nikon d90 with awesome results!

    Ben Price
  • This software is great, amazing that its free, deserves a Paypal donation for sure. Thank you !

    Rob Ert
  • Excellent, for the basic tethering I want to do this seems to work just fine, A great alternative and cash saver.

    Ian Burford
  • Thank you for the upgrade to Nikon's OEM Camera Control utility. I especially prefer your much larger live view window & histogram display..!

    Patrick M. Dennison
  • digiCamControl saved my bacon!!! Thank you for being there when I needed you. digiCamControl is truly awesome. Simple interface, great camera control, satisfied clients at my end. Thank you so much for being available to a fresh photography pro like me!! Well done!

    Tom Elliott
  • Just want to say that I LOVE this software !! I use an older Nikon D200 with a grip and while I can't tether into Lightroom, I can tether into Digicam control and I can turn it on and off, switch lenses and just keep going on my shoots and it never fails me smile emoticon,,thank you so much, keep up the great work.

    Doug Ward
  • This is truly an amazing piece of software. designed by people who actually use it.

    Darren Haigh
  • Thanks a lot! Its just amazing.... and particularly because its free!

    Linus Ku
  • This is fantastic! I have it on my HTPC attached to a 50" plasma TV in my recroom / photo studio. With my D7000 attached to the PC via USB I can see the images on the big screen as I shoot. Very cool stuff!

    Jay Patterson