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Remote control your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera from your Windows computer tethered.
See live view on your computer display.
Trigger the camera from the computer or your tablet or smartphone.
Control multiple connected cameras at the same time.

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Download the program here.
Even more features covered here.
See a list of supported cameras here.


March 28th 2015

February 8th 2015

In this release most notable change is the redesign of the time lapse interface.

January 17th 2015

Over times was multiple request to add support for cameras other that Nikon or Canon, but this isn't possible without having a camera of this brands, so i started a fundraising  campaign.

For Sony cameras: 

For Pentax cameras

January 3rd 2015

This release is a bug fix release not too much new features are added. I try to change the installer type, i started using MSI based installer, the benefits are the install process should be more transparent and a cleaner uninstall and fewer false positive virus warnings.  A another new is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software which allow to use DSLR camera live view as source for broadcasting. Now support for 32 bit version only.