Remote control your camera from your Windows computer tethered via USB.
See live view on your computer display.
Trigger the camera from the computer or your tablet or smartphone.
Control multiple connected cameras at the same time.

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Download the program here.
Even more features covered here.
See a list of supported cameras here.


June 21st 2014

This is first step for connecting cameras via WiFi using any protocol. This solution use a cheap router TP-Link MR3040 with a custom firmware. The firmware was adapted by Hubai Zoltan so all credits goes to him. 

June 7th 2014

This is only a beta release with minor bug fixes and some UI changes, like a left tab for image properties and a improved support for multiple camera support.

April 13th 2014

We are very happy to present you the final version of digiCamControl 1.1.0 today. Enjoy it!

January 1st 2014

This is a second try before final 1.1.0 release and hopefully the last one.

Change log:

  • Option to set camera date and time
  • Option to set camera date and time when camera is connecting
  • Support for DCCUSB device
  • New tag file name template for barcode
  • Send crash report via email
  • Lot of minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI improvements