January 3, 2016, 3:14 pm

We are very happy to present you the final version of digiCamControl 2.0.0 today. Enjoy it!

Sample Image

Highlights of this release

Autoexport plugins

These are plugins which can be used to add different actions when photos are transferred. There can be multiple plugins active in the same time, for every plugin can be additionally assigned an image transformation action. For example you can upload resized photos with your overlay mark to yours facebbok page or dropbox folder.

Improved photo preview

The photo loading algorithm was totally rewrited, no longer camera codec is required for raw files and the raw files are loaded almost with the same speed like the jpgs. A notable feature of the preview is the zoom to focus point - if this feature is on when new photo is captured and it’s zoomed, the viewport automatically will move to the first focused point. For thumbnail can be activated an additional info panel where will be displayed the photo basic info and a histogram with over/under exposure indicator.



This feature was requested by a lot of users, some of them just want to hide the application source/name to prevent to be used by the competition or just remove some unused features from UI. This will add possibilities to customize application interface, specially the main window and the live view window. This feature’s purpose is to set which element to be visible or not and not to redesign the user interface itself. Taking in consideration the fact that the using of branding is no more linked to this site or to the name of digiCamControl, to get this feature there is an extra donation needed under "Branding" option.

User interface redesigned

User interface redesigned

For better usability some graphical elements were moved to newly added main menu, in this way it will be more easy to find and access some application features.


All digiCamControl installations can be upgraded to digiCamControl 2.0.0 release without losing your settings or session data. The installer will clear the application cache, so with the first start the application will recreate it, but this may take a few minutes.

Change log from 1.2.0 version
  • Auto export plugin
  • Facebook Auto Export Plugin
  • Email Auto Export Plugin
  • Scritp transform plugin
  • Dropbox export plugin
  • Pixel binning plugin
  • Enhance transform plugin
  • Effect transform plugin
  • Autostart as tray icon
  • Minimize to tray option
  • Improve download photo window
  • Multiple camera live view in same time
  • Support for D750
  • Support for D5500
  • Support for D7200
  • Support for D810a
  • Improved focus stacking
  • Improved live view overlay option
  • Fixed SerialPortShutterRelease plugin
  • Capture delay in live view
  • Improved focus rectangle display in main windows
  • Wifi support for Nikon WU-1a(2b)
  • Movie mode properties for Nikon cameras
  • Printing
  • Branding
  • Virtual horizon for Nikon cameras
  • Secondary monitor support for full screen
  • Minor improvements on Canon manual focus with separated setting for it
  • Auto focus for all cameras in multiple camera live view
  • Option to define key combination for every connected camera one by one for trigger capture
  • Some usage improvement for tablets
  • Option to disable live view image processing, this may helpful when the live view is used as video source
  • CropTransform plugin
  • Ftp auto export plugin
  • Multi-camera video recording
  • Web server redesigned
  • Public access to web interface
  • XSplit plugin
  • Option to flip preview or live view image
  • Redesigned Time lapse window
  • Redesigned bar code window
  • Support ICStation USB relay
  • Live view zoom in astro view
  • Overlay transform plugin
  • Option to revert the image from backup copy
  • Tcl based script system
  • Utility for remote controlling of DCC
  • Commands for timelapse in webinterface
  • New theme for astrophotography (Dark/Astro)
  • Extra info for layout thumb view
  • SLC support for web browser
  • Option to enable/disable operation via web server
  • Full screen slide show webserver
  • Improve Canon file transfer
  • Video recording for canon cameras
  • Startup script
  • Rotate transform plugin
  • Audio meter in Live view for Nikon cameras
  • Simplified focus locking for focus stacking
  • New SLC get param lastcaptured
  • Option for Disable auto rotate for preview
  • Option to import/export session settings
  • Drag and drop overlay file in live view
  • Maximum speed option for timelapse
  • Bracketing with time lapse
  • Improvements on time lapse video creation
  • 4k video for create movie
  • Transform plugin for create video
  • Improved support for public web server
  • Rework of the bracketing
  • Get focus point info for Canon images
  • Zoom to focus point feature
  • Replace ruler in live view
  • Improvement on image caching and image loading
  • Rotate preview image manually
  • Improvements on printing
  • Separated installer for Open Broadcaster Software plugin
  • Save live view window position
  • Speed up histogram loading
  • Histogram in thumb file info
  • Multiple capture with autofocus in live view
  • Option to ask for save path after capture
  • Rotate live view preview image according settings
  • Remove changing capture mode and host mode when live view start
  • Improved focus stacking reliability
Bug fixes
  • Trigger on shift press
  • The counter always is appended to file name template
  • Fixed Canon metering mode
  • Webserver qr code show wrong address
  • Live view not working for some cameras
  • Crash on image selection
  • Software hang when multiple cameras are connected
  • Fixed support for D810
  • Prevent crash with transform plugin

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