User manual for digiCamControl

This is the user manual for digiCamControl - a free, open source, Windows application.  With it you can control DSLR cameras using a USB connection also known as tethered shooting.

digiCamControl supports most Nikon DSLR cameras as well as cameras from several other manufacturers.

If you are all new to digiCamControl you might want to look at these sections of the manual:

  1. Getting started
  2. Settings
  3. Shooting

You can also browse through the table of contents on the right or use the search function.

The manual is also available as a PDF file for offline use, but please notice that the PDF manual might not contain the latest updates.


I connected my Nikon D3200 camera to my laptop through USB cable, DigiCamControl is already installed. In the right menu of the software I see "Transfer" field where I can select "Save to PC and SD" and "Save only to SD".............. do you know if it is possible to "Save only to PC" ?

By pamadini

I have the same problem, can U help me to solve it?

By Ale Ruffo

can't get it to work with a D3000. program stops responding.

By Pops

Please start a forum thread about your error and post the log file too

By Duka Istvan

UI works until I attach the USB cable to the camera, then UI just freezes and shows the rotating blue doughnut (Win7 hourglass). If I detach the USB cable again, the UI comes back to life- but obviously is "disconnected". At some point it has picked up something from the camera, because it knows that it is a D3000 it is not connected to...
There is no ERROR per se - what log do you want us to post?
Looks like the OP did start a forum thread as you requested, but has had no response and given up. Shame.

By Grum

U Can Download this Shareware Software but u have limit of 30 Picture

No Bulb Mobe and Astrophoto Mode in Digicamcontrol but u can Control the other feature also Multiple Camera Control

in DigiCamcontrol Setting --> Advanced option Turn Off Disable Native Driver and Close a SW

Open PTP Drive and Turn On the D3000

Refresh or MAP and PTP Drive rename D3000 whit default Z

Open Digicontrol but not enabled the Driver Native click NO





By wasky

Just downloaded and installed the software. Looks good, the best I have found. It's also the first I've seen that has the bulb function, which is important for astrophotography.

I've tried to sort through the NIKON SDK and it's just too much for me. I do pretty well with C#, but the C++ interface is beyond me.

Thanks, Theron

By twiereng

Not all Nikon camera support Bulb mode but i plan to add support to external shutter release like serial port or other devices.  A another plan: better support for astro photography with a separated module, if you have any feature request please start a forum thread for it

By Duka Istvan

I have two laptop computers, one is a Windows 7, 32 bits and other one is an old Windows XP, my Window 7 works well with my Nikon D600. My XP laptop does not support Live view, the LV icon is not working. Could you tell me are there any solutions for this.

By Chris

I have an oldish Dell Laptop running XP that just refuses to run this software, as .NET Framework 4 doesn't exist! But it didn't help downloading this file from Microsoft, it says it doesn't exist - help, anyone?!

By Tord55

Works well with the D300s.
Is it possible to download the user manual in PDF?
Thank you for a great app.

By alldigital

Downloaded digiCamControl on my Window Surface Pro, connected my usb cable to my camera and the software works flawlessly. Great app.

By charlie2437

I find it simple on my end, though I never do hard editing. As a simple user, this works absolutely perfect for me. No problems on the connections as well.

By ruzzelparker

All functions seem to work well except the "focus stacking" feature.  When I select the number of photos to take, then select the focus steps, the number of photos resets to zero.  Am I doing something wrong?


By Iconoscope

Everything's fine but why is not the auto focus supported anywhere I click on with the mouse? Why in the middle only?

Why can't I adjust aperture in live view?

István, do you have the manual in Hungarian?

By Zoltán

Unfortunatelly D3200 don't have any official PTP documentation, seems this model not support changing focus point via PTP comands.

Zoltan sajnos meg nem voltam képes lefordittani es nem is ugy nezki, hogy mostanaba meg lesz.

By Duka Istvan

Köszi. Ha szabad magyarul írni, akkor abban még segítenél, hogy az 5100-as támogatja-e a "bárhol" fókuszpontot?

By Zoltán

Igen, en is D5100 hasznalok tesztelesre. 

By Duka Istvan

Downloaded on my Acer Aspire E1-522 with my D7000 works OK so far. It's good then she. I delete files they come off the camera too.

By spridaddle

I was contemplating buying Nikon Camera Control Pro 2, but after finding DigiCamControl I am glad that I didn't. This program has so much more to offer and does so much more than the Nikon program! When I get the chance I will donate to help make it better. 



By tcrom2

Sometimes, I sign my name as 'T' and when I saw this post, I was like...I don't remember saying that!!?? It took me like half a minute to figure it out!

By ttrimm

My nikon D3100 does not work. It says iIt can not be an instance of an object.

By joao466