Remote control

The software can be remotely controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or a second computer attached to the same local network as the PC controlling the camera. The remote control connection can be wired or wireless. The remote device needs to be able to run a web browser, so it can essentially be any device or computer - a Mac, an iPhone, iPad, Android phone. tablet. or a Unix computer.

This capability will allow you to move freely about your studio or your location and remotely trigger the camera.  You can even control focus, both manual and AF.

  1. Start the camera control program and camera as usual.
  2. Go into Settings and select the Trigger section.
  3. Check the "Use web server" to activate the built in webserver.
  4. You might need to restart the progam to activate the facility. Once configured, the program will activate the web server every time it starts.
  5. Access the server from your external device through the web address listed in the Settings dialog.
  6. If your tablet or smartphone has a camera, you can also scan the QR-code displayed by the program to access the server directly. You might need a QR scanner app for your device, but these are widely available, many for free.
  7. Once the browser is running the web digiCamControl web page, you can control the camera via your browser.


On the initial browser screen you will see four buttons:

  1. Take photo - This will take a photo just as though you pressed the button on the camera or in the main program.
  2. Take photo no autofocus - This will take a photo but without activating autofocus.
  3. Show fullscreen - This will shift the remote form to a new set of buttons and the main screen on the controller PC to full screen review of the images.
    • Prev. and Next will shift between the images on the main screen.
    • Close will close the review screen and return to the control screen.
  4. Show live view - this will let you control the live view screen on your PC from your remote device.
    • Auto focus - Focuses the camera using AF.
    • Take Photo - As #1 above.
    • Take photo no autofocus - As #2 above.
    • Close - Closes Liveview control.
    • Zoom liveview 25/33/50/60/100% - Zooms the live view screen on your PC the selected amount.
    • Focus - Will focus the camera manually (-/+ is fine, --/++ is medium, ---/+++ is coarse).

You can turn your phone to horizontal to get the buttons large and easily accessible.

Once you are done, you simply leave the web page on the remote device. You can leave the facility on. The main program will still function as before.