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Stable release 1.1.0

We are very happy to present you the final version of digiCamControl 1.1.0 today. Enjoy it!

New features:

Separate astro module

This feature can be activated on the top bar using the star button. A discussion was started on this forum thread. I don't have any of the required hardware for astro photography, so any feedback is welcomed. 

External shutter release

Most Nikon cameras don't have any support for bulb mode via MTP commands. Using an external release can solve this issue. In this stage the application only supports shutter release using a serial communication cable. If somebody wants to build such a cable please visit this link. To use this feature you first need to define a new external shutter release in Settings->Device Add. After a device has been defined, it can be used in the astro module and/or camera property window. If you define an external release in the camera properties this will be used in place of the internal release.

Supported external devices:
  1. DSUSB - http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com/products_ds.htm
  2. Simple serial shutter release http://www.beskeen.com/projects/dslr_serial/dslr_serial.shtml (for Canon) / http://www.beskeen.com/projects/dslr_serial/DSLR%20SERIAL%20CABLE%20-%20NIKON%20TWEAK.pdf (for Nikon)
  3. DCCUSB - http://digicamcontrol.com/news/dccusb-external-shutter-release-device
  4. Multi camera Shutter Release - http://digicamcontrol.com/manual/multiple-camera-control-device


Improved camera support

Support for newlly released Nikon and Canon cameras, and we keep on adding support for Canon cameras as fast as we can get them tested.

Improved UI

The user interface has received a few improvements and we keep trying to make the program easier to use.


Script support

A another advanced feature in development is the script support. We have chosen a script system based on XML. Here's a potetial application for scripting. The script editor can be activated using Menu->Script editor. More about the script syntax in this manual page.



Redesigned web server for tablet/smartphone control:



More features:

  • Image caching 
  • Highlight under/overexposed areas in preview and live view
  • Edge detection in live view (Display tab)
  • Attach comment, and have comments applied to images.
  • Improved command line utility
  • Option to rotate live view image
  • Like/Unlike button
  • Improve and fixed Canon camera support
  • Option to set camera date and time
  • Option to set camera date and time when camera is connecting
  • New tag file name template for barcode
  • Send crash report via email
  • Lot of minor bug fixes
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Default preset when camera is connected