Working on DCC integration into Astrotortilla

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Working on DCC integration into Astrotortilla

Post by calli » Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:17 pm


after finding the Comet P41/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak ( with Astrotortilla (*) ( I evaluated BackyardNikon, but I don't like it and it also don't support my camera(s) in a pleasant way and would require a USB->Serial Cable to use with Astrotortilla. That leads me into digging in the Source from Astrotortilla to change the Bulb Mode to fixed exposures (you anyway only use 5 to 10s for the solving plates). Then I thought that I would better adapt for using Astrotortilla with DCC.

So after forging my python setup I am now starting and already be able to take a picture via "CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe". There is still much to do but I think it could lead to something.

So if you are interested in helping out or also like the idea to use astrotortilla just reply here, I can then start to polish and maybe make my own build. The Astrotortilla developement seems a bit stalled which is a shame as it is so usefull and has no (I think) alternative in the Open Source sector.

My Post at sourceforge: ... 782a/#b27b


(*) Astrotortilla is a helper application that brings plate solving to your astrophotography workflow.

With plate solving, AstroTortilla can on its own figure out where your telescope is pointed.
This enables you to automatically and quickly do things like

calibrate your GoTo tracking mount,
GoTo any target with arcsecond accuracy and
measure your polar alignment error.

Working on DCC integration into Astrotortilla


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