Constructing the definitive DSLR scanning setup. Communal effort!

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Constructing the definitive DSLR scanning setup. Communal effort!

Post by Itamenara » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:33 pm

Here's an attempt to see whether the collective expertise on the forum can clarify the questions around how best to setup a DSLR 'scanning' apparatus using internationally available off-the-shelf components:

- what the potential problems can be
- what combination of equipment would give the best results
- doesn't require engineering expertise or special tools to put together

Here's my initial thoughts for a relatively cheap camera component:

- the Olympus shift-sensor in the new Pen F effectively gives 80 megapixel RAW images
- the Olympus m.ZD 60mm f/2.8 macro lens seems to have been a favorite macro amongst a number of reviewers two or three years ago. Maybe it's been superceded by now?

So that's the easy (GAS) part. (opinions?)

Now - which copystand (that's generally available) gives the best stability and durability?
What are the issues considering height and adjustability for different formats? (6x6 or 6x9 in 120 as well as 135)
Are bellows or some other stray light-shading needed?
What's the best way to illuminate the negative from underneath? (esp considering a cool lightsource to avoid film-popping)
Film-holders for different formats?

All of these things are open to discussion - but I'm hoping we can all aim to keep it constructive, and make an attempt to come up with a sort of 'model' or 'ideal' setup for a reasonable price that present and future forum members can use as a reference for creating their own home 'scanners'.

I'm hoping we can steer clear of descriptions that include lathes, metalwork, 3D printing or degrees in Engineering. And also people who sneer at anyone lacking any of the above.


Constructing the definitive DSLR scanning setup. Communal effort!


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