Advanced Focus Stacking: General Help

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Advanced Focus Stacking: General Help

Post by operaflute » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:25 pm

Attempting my first play at focus stacking and I have so many questions that are not answered by either the documentation or the blog entry on the topic found here:
I am admittedly new to the topic. I am attempting to focus stack a food still life, so need a relatively narrow DOF, however I do need multiple photos for the entire scene to be focused as I would like. Here are a few initial questions.

1) The camera (Nikon 7200) does not take the number of photos I request. If I request 10 it might take 2. If I request 2 it might take 1. It just doesn't do what I ask.

2) What is the number at the bottom left of the advanced focus stacking panel refer to? (under the "start" button, to the left of the "stop" button.

3) The live view is quite noisy - how do I refine my focus with all this "noise" in the Live View? ( have connected the camera using its supplied cable, not via WiFi.)

4) Once zoomed in (for the purposes of focusing), how do I pan to another part of the photo? Or must I zoom out then in again. If I zoom out, how to I put the focus box in a different area before zooming in again without getting an area that I must unlock the focus first?

Edit: 5) Update to latest beta does not correct issues. (Dec 7, 2017).

Windows 10
Nikon 7200
Nikkor 18-200mm; 3.5-5.6

Advanced Focus Stacking: General Help


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