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Text Onlay

Post by gmiotke » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:46 pm

I am using DC for product shots. I want to add the product name and size on each photo. Previously I had saved a session for each product that loaded the onlay graphic for each product. I want to just add the product name and size in text and save the session and then next time I have one of product ABC load that session and have the text added to the final image.

Several problems:

First every time I try to save the session is says that the session already exists.

Second issue is that no matter what font I choose it does not update on the final shot (always arial).

Third issue is that I can not use the margin settings to move the overlay so it glued to the edge which makes it hard to see in most cases.

Fourth issue is that the session tags do not work as it indicates they will for the text. I want to name the session the style - Size & then add [Session Name] to the plugin so it will print the style and size dynamically to the out put based on the session that was loaded by the user.

Sorry for this long list. I have used this product for a while now and have worked around the issues and just really want to have it perform for us in our business.

Text Onlay


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