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Sync Camera Date and Time not working (v2.0.46)

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:54 am
by Serge
Enabling [File > Advanced > Sync Camera Date and Time on camera connect] does not appear to set the time on my Canon 70D (using digiCamControl v2.0.46). I have tried 1) Restarting digiCamControl, 2) reconnecting USB cable, 3) power cycling the camera, the time on the camera remains unchanged. Log file for 1) Restarting digiCamControl is attached.

If a fix is found, would it also be possible to add the functionality to CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe?
The application can be restarted, but it would nice to be able to call a command also.
Get time may also be handy in some circumstances, but less important.

Re: Sync Camera Date and Time not working (v2.0.46)

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:14 pm
by aero9600
I'm having the same problem with the Canon 5D Mark IV. The log file shows that the camera time was sync'd but the camera clock doesn't change. Other settings like shutter speed, aperture, etc change properly though. My app.log looks the same as Serg except for a different camera name.

Re: Sync Camera Date and Time not working (v2.0.46)

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:08 pm
by cwsla
Exact same issue here... I'm using Version 2.0.69 and a Canon EOS 6D camera. It doesn't work if I sync it manually in the software and it also doesn't work automatically on startup.
Also it would be nice (Once it works...) to have this feature in the digicamControlCmd.exe to automate this process even more...