D600 and Wifi : black screen

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D600 and Wifi : black screen

Post by bob » Wed May 23, 2018 9:39 pm

I used Nikon control Pro for a long time. After some tests with "apps" for Android, (and never running in the real life...) I downloaded DigicamControl. It's exactly what i was looking for (specially for the shootings with mirror up).... So I bought a WU to connect one Nikon D600 and made a test (before buying the D 850) Bad news : the WU is recognized by windows, the camera is recognized dy Digicam Control, but the story ends.
1- i can't use the liveview. I got this message : unable to conect tio wifi device - no server found.
2- when the liveview is running -sometimes, the screen is black (so i can do nothing) and in the same time ,a picture is taken by rhe camera with a long delay (for the test, automatic aperture, CH speed and nothing else have been choosen).

Another time, I also got this message :

Unable to connect to wifi devices.
Impossible d'effectuer un cast d'un objet de type
"Camera controlDevices.transferProtocol.PtpIp.CmdResponsetest :en type
"Camera controlDevices.transferProtocol.PtpIp.Enddata.packet.

I'm really looking for something really working with wifi to make pictures in the wild.
Of course, I connected the camera first, and used the software after.

Does anybody has an idea to solve this problem ? A pb with windows ?? '(Why the messages are different ??)

Les réponses en français sont les bienvenues.

thank you - merci

D600 and Wifi : black screen


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