Live View Window Disappears. Capture still works, Weird!

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Live View Window Disappears. Capture still works, Weird!

Post by RBPSystems » Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:20 pm

I have been using this software daily for almost a year. At some point in the last month, the live view window has disappeared for one of my cameras. I have two cannon 80ds (with different lenses) attached at the same time. When I open live view for the one with my 100mm Macro EF L Lens live view works fine. However, when I open live view for the canon 80d with the EF 24-105 1:4 L/IS It is nowhere to be found. I can see it in the taskbar but when I mouse over it is blank. I thought maybe it was offscreen somewhere but that is not the case.
I can hear the camera clickon like it normally does when liveview is initiated. I can also still capture pictures from the main screen.

I could roll back my computer a month and that would probably fix this issue but I'm not sure what caused it and I don't want to do it again and have to go through the whole process.

It may be a coincidence but I have noticed a bunch of little issues pop up in digicam right around the time I installed capture one. At one point I had to roll back my computer because I was getting the hanging issue which seems to have just been fixed in the new version.

Any ideas?

I would also like to just say thanks for developing this awesome product. It has made my work so much easier. I will continue to use it and donate and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow. SO thanks so much!

Live View Window Disappears. Capture still works, Weird!


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