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Time display

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Greg Roberts
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Time display

Postby Greg Roberts » Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:06 am

Good morning - I have just discovered your program and it looks like it could be extremely useful. I track classified artificial satellites as a hobby and do positional measurements (astrometry) and for this one needs accurate time. For high altitude satellites one can get away with 1 second accuracy but for low altitude satellites one needs 0.1 seconds or better. You have the option to display time on the captured image and this is displayed in hours and minutes. I strongly suspect you are reading the computer time to get this time and not the camera time. MY computer systems are directly GPS controlled and determined every minute to better than 50 millisecond accuracy. Would it be possible to display the time on the captured image to at least 0.1 seconds ( or better). I realize there may be a time latency between the time the camera actually takes the image and the true time but it is possible to determine this , but as a first step one needs a more precise indication of time as 1 minute resolution is inadequate. What I particularly like about your program is that it allows me to use my Nikon D3100 for possible satellite work as this is the first program I have come across that allows me to control the D3100 remotely. Unfortunately I cannot make use of many of the other nice facilities available but that is because I made a "mistake" when I purchased the D3100. I am a retired professional astronomer. Many thanks. I have posted details about your program on my Face Book page "So You Want to Track Satellites" so you may well find a surge in downloads :-))

Time display


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