Using digiCamControl as a standalone library

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Re: Using digiCamControl as a standalone library

Post by lokatz » Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:18 am

In case anyone is looking at the same issues, here are the solutions I found:

Wifi - What caused the error was that I also needed to call DeviceManager.ConnectToCamera() before connecting to the camera's Wifi. I had assumed you couldn't connect to the camera before a Wifi connection was established.

Camera property changes - As Duka said, there is no central event one could easily tap into. However, you can detect individual property changes by implementing something like this:

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using System.ComponentModel;

            MTPdevice.CompressionSetting.PropertyChanged += CompressionSetting_PropertyChanged;
            private void CompressionSetting_PropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
        //  e.PropertyName is one of the following.  You can take action for instance if "Value", "NumericValue" or "IsEnabled" changes.  
        //              "Value"
        //              "Values"
        //              "NumericValue"
        //              "IsEnabled"
        //              "Available"
        //              "CameraProperty"
        //              "Code"
        //              "DateTime"
        //              "HaveError"
        //              "HostMode"
        //              "ErrorColor"
        //              ... and a few others

        ...  do something here ...
The same approach can also be used for Advanced Properties:

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MTPdevice.AdvancedProperties[0].PropertyChanged += PropertyName_PropertyChanged;

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