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Total Solar Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017, U.S.A.

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Total Solar Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017, U.S.A.

Post by TechnicianJohn » Wed May 24, 2017 8:19 pm

I'm working with a group of photographers, organized by U.C. Berkley and Google, to create an expanded and continuous movie of the total eclipse as it crosses the United States. PLEASE join us if your going to be in the path of totality.

From the website:
"The primary goal of the Eclipse Megamovie Project is to produce a high definition, time-expanded video of the total solar eclipse that will cross North America from the northwest to the southeast on August 21, 2017. The Megamovie video will be pieced together from images collected by citizen scientists at various points along the eclipse path. This will provide continuous datasets that far exceed what any one person could capture from a single location, where the longest duration of totality possible would be under three minutes. The Eclipse Megamovie, by contrast, will be about two hours long. "

Several of us on the team are using Digicamcontrol. We have a couple of scripts for shooting the eclipse we're sharing.
PLEASE join us, please tell you friends.

Technician John

Total Solar Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017, U.S.A.


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