BulbWnd_Hide will not close

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BulbWnd_Hide will not close

Post by Fred4digicam » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:38 pm

First, GREAT software! Having worked with software and programming for 40 years, I can say that this is fantastic software coding. I wish I had more experience with C# so I could help with the project.

I am using the Digicamcontrol TCL scripting language to create astrophotography code. The code controls my Nikon D3300 camera with a HID USB relay shutter release cable. One error I keep getting is:

2018-03-21 07:14:40,493 [13]ERROR DCC [(null)] - Error to procces command BulbWnd_Hide
(See attached log file.)

Thank you very much for your efforts to create this wonderful software.

Fred Rossow
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BulbWnd_Hide will not close


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