digiCam crashes after photo sequence

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digiCam crashes after photo sequence

Post by RoiW » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:15 am

I've been using the program successfully for a few months, version (and now updated to .77), with Canon 550D, through MATLAB CameraController script. Two weeks ago the program began to crash after a few images have been captured, not every time but often enough to become a serious problem.
A check of the computer by an IT guy including important updates did not affect the recurring problem, so most likely the PC is not the problem.
So the problem could be with the camera, digiCam, or the matlab script. I remind you that all of them worked fine just 2 weeks ago.

In matlab I am taking a sequence of pictures with different exposures and then moving them and renaming them to a new folder. Could this affect digiCam as it still displays those pictures in the session browser, all while each new sequence is still in the same digiCam session?

Could using the older stable version instead solve this?

I've send the log file through the program.
Also attached here are the log file, and the matlab code

matlab code of capturing sequence as text file
(1.27 KiB) Downloaded 68 times
log file from app start to crash
(12.74 KiB) Downloaded 69 times

digiCam crashes after photo sequence


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Re: digiCam crashes after photo sequence

Post by RoiW » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:39 am

Update: Possible solution
I've made few modifications to the process that I think reduce the load on digiCam, so far much less crashing.
1) Not using the rotate Auto Export plugin. I think this is what burdened the app more than anything.
2) Copying the files from the digiCam session folder instead of moving them.
3) more time between sequential images.
* I am getting a new camera soon (probably Canon 800D), hope it will speed up things as well.

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