timelaps to the cloud

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timelaps to the cloud

Post by Orcio76 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:44 pm

I'm planning to create a few time-lapse of the construction of a house. It is a 15-months project.
I'm looking to buy the cheapest cameras for the job, 3 of them. They would be plugged into the grid. Also, a cell phone will provide wi-fi and 4G internet service.
I'd like to have all shots in the cloud and have the ability to erase the camera's memory and set the intervalometer via the internet.
in short:
-What cámera is recommended? (Nikon preferably)
-Is DigiCamControl enough to accomplish my project? Not sure if it needs to be installed on the cell phone or on my computer, and if this is the case, how could I access my cell phone from my computer.

Thanks in advance


timelaps to the cloud


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