timelapse with 80D and NAS halts randomly

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timelapse with 80D and NAS halts randomly

Post by peta13 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:33 am

I've been using DigiCamControl v. for a while and some time ago I encountered "weird" problem - hoping anybody came across and can help me?
I use a Canon EOS 80D connected to a laptop (Win 10) and store the photos to some kind of NAS appearing like normal HDD, taking a picture every 60 seconds. All worked good for 1 or 2 days, then it stopped working.
All started working again just after i logged to my computer (it was not rebooted, just the screen was locked - from the very beginning, I guess this is not a reason).
Now it randomly stops working again time by time - sometimes it "unfreezes" by itself after a few minutes.
Weird thing is that when it "pause" for a while, it actually skips filenames (i mean, if it skips 2 files, the filenames are like "1", "2", then the skipped "3" and "4" are missing and it continues with "5"..) - made me think the photos are not moved to the NAS, but i failed to find on SD card. Next I realised that I (feel pretty confident, although not 100% sure) don't hear the shutter activated when it is "halted".
I would consider the laptop kind of "sleeps/hibernates" which causes the SW stop working, but it makes no sense it would halt that randomly (varying from 1 day to 30 minutes) and it would (I guess) not lead to continue making photos after a random time (sometimes it misses under 5 photos/minutes and continue, next time it was stuck for 3 days untill i logged in to the computer).
Hoping anybody experienced the same and found a cure to this..
Thank you in advance

timelapse with 80D and NAS halts randomly


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