error using CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe

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error using CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe

Post by AlessandraCorti » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:53 pm

HI, I have an application for capturing pictures but sometime we get an error as you can see below.
The GUI is running , so we do not understand why we are getting this error……..
Has anyone an idea of this matter ?

C:\Program Files (x86)\digiCamControl>CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c capture /folder c:\lakeview\lvcut\picture /captureall
digiCamControl remote command line utility (, 24/02/2019 18:22:04) running

Timeout Error (is the GUI running?):
Timeout operazione.
in System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeClientStream.Connect(Int32 timeout)
in CameraControlRemoteCmd.CommandProcessor.Send(String sendStr, String pipeName, String server, Int32 timeOut) in D:\devel\vs2010\CameraControl\CameraControlRemoteCmd\CommandProcessor.cs:riga 100
in CameraControlRemoteCmd.CommandProcessor.Parse(String[] args) in D:\devel\vs2010\CameraControl\CameraControlRemoteCmd\CommandProcessor.cs:riga 44


error using CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe


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Re: error using CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe

Post by admin » Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:43 pm

Do you have a antivirus running ? If yes can you disable it and check if is working better

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