Canon G7 X Mk 3 Support

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Canon G7 X Mk 3 Support

Post by hagensieker » Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:24 am

I'm on a mission to tether with a point and shoot camera and have a Canon A640 that tethers with another hunk of software. Results are generally soft and not up to par.

I notice that the G7 X Mark 3 shows as compatible here however I don't see any discussion in the forum about it, or any screenshots, etc.

Before I drop the trigger on a G7 I want to make sure the support is adequate.

I do have a DSLR camera (Nikon D7000 with manual focus macro lens) however I want a point and click to have as small as possible a footprint with good autofocus for taking pics of items to sell. Small footprint, speed in workflow. Also I'm getting back into carrying a dedicated camera so it can pull double duty.

Anyway some assurances on G7 X Mark 3 support would be appreciated.


Canon G7 X Mk 3 Support


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