Focus Stacking Questions

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Focus Stacking Questions

Post by mjd » Mon May 04, 2020 1:16 pm

Hi. I am new to using the program for focus stacking and my questions will no doubt be because of ignorance rather than problems with the program itself.

I have been using Focus Stacking Advanced as follows (and with some pleasing results):

1. Autofocus on furthest point and locking the focus.
2. Stepping to the closest focuspoint and locking the focus.
3.Pressing start.

Prior to setting the focus points I have been trying to adjust the number of photos and the step size, finding that they cannot be set independently (I imagine they are interdependent and adjusting one means a necessary adjustment for the other.

So, for example, I might set the number of shots at 40. Yet the program then will take far more photos than that, say, 200 or more. Taking a similar stack using manual focus while tethered but not using live view I have been able to get a good result from many fewer photos -- perhaps 15!

Is there something I am doing wrong? Can I somehow set the number of shots so that under live view that number is actually taken? Can I control the size of each step?

And a related question: what is the actual step size in mm?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from this frustrating issue, I am very impressed with the program! Thank you! mjd

Focus Stacking Questions


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