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June 2, 2020, 3:14 pm

There was multiple attempts to make DSLR cameras supported as a virtual web cameras but the bigger issue was the too low frame rate and lag. So i decided to create a standalone application which fulfill this feature and here it is the first working version. The application isn't tested well so may contain some bug and maybe required some missing features to be implemented.

  • Support all cameras supported by the main application
  • Auto restart the live view if the camera stop it (because the timeout)
  • Start/stop live view if client is connected/disconnected
  • Set camera properties
  • Set focus point of the live view and fine tune the focus area
  • After installation you may required to restart the application where do you want to use the virtual web camera
  • The camera is show as "DCC Virtual Camera"
  • OBS studio not supported because is there a bug in application but i don't figure out how to fix it yet
  • All DSLR camera live view have low resolution so don't expect HD quality (generally Canon have better quality that Nikon)
  • Some live view resolution isn't supported yet, you can port is forum and i will add it in the next version
  • Any bug report or feature request are welcomed.


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