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January 5, 2016, 3:14 pm
Sony camera support

This beta version have support for Sony cameras but only using WiFi connection, no USB connection supported. SonyWifi


  1. In camera Menu->Application->Smart remote control
  2. Connect pc with camera using pc wifi connection (credentials are displayed in camera display)
  3. In digiCamControl connect to camera using wifi connection button (top bar) selecting Sony device

Not supported features (yet):

  • Video recording
  • File download
  • File deletion
  • Autofocus in live view
  • Bulb mode
Condition settings for autoexport plugins


For auto export plugins now can be seat a condition when will be executed. This will allow more complex usage of this plugins. For condition variable all available camera properties can be used. The available variable list will be expanded in future based based on user request.

Change log from 2.0.17 version
  • Wifi support for Sony cameras
  • Tool plugin for CombineZp
  • More advanced properties for Nikon cameras
  • Fixed startup hang
  • Support for Canon 1300D
  • Option to generate animated gif
  • Condition settings for autoexport plugins
  • SLC commands for start/stop record video
  • Real full screen live view

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