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July 4, 2016, 3:14 pm

This is a beta release may contain bugs, it is indicated before install uninstall any other beta from control panel.

Support for arduino devices

Arduino Arduino Mega

You can activate this plugin using Menu=>Plugins=>Tools=>Arduino. Should work with any other device/microcontroller which use serial port for communication. It is possible two way communication, the application can send and receive commands from device. The commands can be standard "window command" or there a special interface were can be defined 16 custom action which can be assigned to a button. Arduino

SLC command parameter for live view properties

A new parameter for get,set, list liveview. Startup script example for set live view capture delay to 5 sec and start live view window

# wait 2 seconds after application start
after 2000
dcc set liveview.capturedelay 5
# start live view 
dcc do LiveViewWnd_Show

Improved negative film scanning

To make easy this operation , there a option in live view Display->Invert this will invert the live view colors so the negative film can be viewed in real color. Also a new Effect transform plugin option added to invert the captured photos

Change log
  • Record video on Motion change
  • Fix crash some cases when large file was transferred on Canon cameras
  • Removed unnecessary animations
  • Same context menu for all layouts
  • Arduino real event plugin + arduino external device support
  • New value for get SLC camera.recordcondition
  • Resizable live view FullScreen
  • Refresh button for folder browser
  • Support for D500 and D5
  • Liveview settings property for scripting
  • Better support for negative scanning
  • Multiple minor fix with remote utility

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