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March 18, 2017, 3:14 pm

This is a beta release may contain bugs, it is indicated before install, uninstall any other beta versions from control panel.

Barcode recognizer

If you use the [BarcodeFromImage] template in file name template the application will try to recognize a barcode which is located in image and use it for file name template. Only one barcode is supported and it is indicated the image to be sharp enough to improve the recognition.

Support for 360 cameras

I added support for two 360° cameras Panono and Ricoh Theta, this is only experimental no live view and only basic controls are supported and file transfer. Connection can be done using WiFi button and selecting from combobox the appropriate camera type There is a chance for other cameras to be supported which implement support for Google Open Spherical Camera API like LG 360 Cam(not tested)


OBS plugin

The installer for OBS plugin was removed for main installer. Now only the manual install is supported download the file from and copy it in c:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\plugins\CLRHostPlugin folder. Also indicated if a other beta was installed, then first uninstall the OSB and delete the c:\Program Files (x86)\OBS folder if still exist and reinstall the OSB.

Change log (from version 2.0.49)
  • Settings to reset counter on series is changing
  • Transfer progress display in taskbar icon
  • Command line utility improvements by BStrauss
  • File name template for camera order [Camera Order]
  • Open with Lightroom and Photoshop buttons by Zobair
  • Barcode recognizer [BarcodeFromImage]
  • Option for averaging image in astro live view to improve noise reduction
  • Prevent full screen to be closed using a password
  • Improved time lapse scheduler
  • Support for Nikon D3400,D5600,D500,D5
  • Support for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Support for Panono camera
  • Support for RICOH THETA (or any camera which support Open Spherical Camera api)
  • Select all photos using keyboard
  • Save Printer settings

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