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July 24, 2018, 3:19 pm



After 3,5 years i release a new stable release, this version is almost identical with the latest beta version 2.0.77.

New UI style

This is the most visible change. The application user interface style was changed to a Material Design based new style. Some elements was removed which anyway wasn't used, the main screen screen title bar and bottom message area was removed. Now the camera properties isn't splitted in two part properties and advanced properties all available properties are listed in a single list, the contest of this list depend on connected camera model.

Web camera support

All standard webcamera should be supported, but only capture and liveview, no video recording and only image size parameter can be changed.

Barcode recognizer

If you use the [BarcodeFromImage] template in file name template the application will try to recognize a barcode which is located in image and use it for file name template. Only one barcode is supported and it is indicated the image to be sharp enough to improve the recognition.

Support for 360 cameras

I added support for two 360° cameras Panono and Ricoh Theta, this is only experimental no live view and only basic controls are supported and file transfer. Connection can be done using WiFi button and selecting from combobox the appropriate camera type There is a chance for other cameras to be supported which implement support for Google Open Spherical Camera API like LG 360 Cam(not tested) Panono

Preview for live view

This function will add possibility to check final image in live view screen without exiting from live view and entering again after image preview, this preview photo isn't save to PC or in session photo list. This function is useful when the user should check the focus quality of the image but the live view image quality is very low or for some camera models the live view isn't reflect the exposure of the final image.

Chromakey transform plugin

Chroma key allow you to remove background of a captured photo and replace it with a another background. This function can be used with Transform Auto Export plugin

Next move ...

I don't plan to add any new features to the digiCamControl just bugfixes and maintaining and improving the camera support. I will concentrate to develop a new application digiCamControl.LightBox which will have a lot simpler interface and most important most easier usage. I plan to release a Alpha version in the next 1-2 months depend on how will have free time.

Change log (from 2.0.0)
  • Chromakey transform plugin
  • Support XiaoMi Yi Action Camera
  • Enfuse plugin
  • Branding for web server
  • Timelapse timer accuracy improved
  • Delete photo after transfer from sd card
  • Transfer thumbnail only option
  • Wifi support for Sony cameras
  • Tool plugin for CombineZp
  • More advanced properties for Nikon cameras
  • Fixed startup hang
  • Option to generate animated gif
  • Condition settings for autoexport plugins
  • SLC commands for start/stop record video
  • Real full screen live view
  • Preview for live view
  • Multiple minor fix with remote utility
  • Improvement on command line utility done by BStrauss3
  • Using sendgrid in place of mailgun
  • Zoom control for enfuse plugin
  • Minor improvement on focus stacking
  • On download save item index as series
  • Updated language files
  • Record video on Motion change
  • Fix crash some cases when large file was transferred on Canon cameras
  • Removed unnecessary animations
  • Same context menu for all layouts
  • Arduino real event plugin + arduino external device support
  • New value for get SLC camera.record condition
  • Resizable live view FullScreen
  • Refresh button for folder browser
  • Liveview settings property for scripting
  • Better support for negative scanning
  • Multiple minor fix with remote utility
  • Command line utility improvements by BStrauss
  • File name template for camera order [Camera Order]
  • Open with Lightroom and Photoshop buttons by Zobair
  • Barcode recognizer [BarcodeFromImage]
  • Option for averaging image in astro live view to improve noise reduction
  • Prevent full screen to be closed using a password
  • Improved time lapse scheduler
  • Support for D500 and D5
  • Support for D3400
  • Support for D500
  • Support for D5
  • Support for Canon 1300D
  • Select all photos using keyboard
  • Save Printer settings
  • Support for newly Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Some crash bug fixed
  • New UI style based on material design
  • Generic support for webcameras

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