Live View

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Live view controls

Display Any settings on this panel will no have direct effect on captured photo. Some option can be combined with the crop transform plugin

  • B&W - will show the live view image in black & white
  • Show focus rectangle - A green rectangle will show the focus position, the position can be changed using mouse
  • Show active area - Using Set button can be defined a area in live view for better framing or define motion detection area. This settings can be reused in Auto export plugins to define a crop transform plugin
  • No processing - If checked camera live view image will show without any other processing like motion detection, ruler, overlay or focus point handing, this option useful when a live view streaming is active
  • Flip horizontally - The live view will be mirrored, this settings no effect on final image
  • Live view rotation - If set to auto the live view image will be rotated based on information gave by the camera
  • Preview capture photo time - Time in seconds to preview the captured photo
  • Crop margin - Crop live view margins in %, this option digitally zoom the live view image, this can be used with Crop transform plugin to crop the final image also Overlay Can be defined a overlay image which will be displayed on top of live view, the image can be positioned and scaled using slider. This image can be used for better framing, will not be applied to the final image. Can be defined multiple default image which should be copied in overlay folder. To locate overlay folder go to Menu->File->Settings->Live view->Locate overlay folder Motion detection
  • Activate motion detection - the application will to detect any motion and will draw the area where the motion was detected.
  • Auto focus before capture - befor capture the focus rectangle position will be set to middle of the biggest motion area. If this active the capture process is very slow
  • Capture when motion detected - When the motion index in bigger that the threshold photo captured will be triggered
  • Detect only on ruller area - the motion will be detected in area defined by the ruler not in full live view

Focus stacking

Focus stacking advanced Focus stacking simple For french users a lite tutorial Une aide précieuse au « focus stacking » : digiCamControl (google translate can be used ...)

Advanced focus stacking can be used only if the focus area is locked using manual focus controls (bottom parts of live view screen )

How to focus stacking

Video recording can be initilized only if a card is inserted in the camera and the transfer mode set to Save to Pc and camera. If you want to delete video automatically after transfer, you can set in Menu=>Session=>Edit current session=>Delete file after download