Remote Utility

This utility will communicate with a running DCC . It is located in installation folder with CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe file name

Usage :

CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c <command> - will execute as Single Command System
                           /clean - will clean up the command response to be more easy readable 

For commands use same logic like the Single Command System


Capture with a specified filename : c:\pictures\capture1.jpg

CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c set session.folder c:\pictures
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c set session.filenametemplate capture1
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c capture

Or in simple way

CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c capture c:\pictures\capture1.jpg

Start live view and capture from live view

CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c do LiveViewWnd_Show
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c do LiveView_Capture
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c do LiveViewWnd_Hide

For values which contain space the value should put between quotation marks CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c set session.filenametemplate "DSC_[Counter 4 digit]"

The application can be set to auto start with windows and to be minimized to tray bar. Check Settings=>General. Also all tray bar notification can be disabled in Settings=>Advanced Hide tray bar notification