Single Command System

This command scheme is used for tcl scripting and for Remote Utility. This can also be used in Tools->Script execution windows <command> <param> <value>



  • camera - select a camera with the specified serial
  • camera - select a camera with the specified name, the space in name is replaced with _
  • session - will select the session with specified name
  • session.
  • property.
  • liveview.
  • camera.
  • transfer
    1. Save to PC only
    2. Save to camera only
    3. Save to PC and camera

For set command can be added multiple parameter separated by | character Ex.: set transfer Save_to_camera_only|Iso 400|shutterspeed 1/500|camera.Long_exp_nr ON


  • camera - return the selected camera serial number
  • session - return current session name
  • session.
  • property.
  • liveview.
  • camera.
  • camera.recordcondition - return empty if video recording can be started else a error label
  • lastcaptured - return the last captured photo name, if the capture in progress the - will be returned
  • transfer


  • cameras - list all connected cameras serial
  • cmds - list all available window commands
  • sessions - list all available session
  • session - list current session properties
  • property - list current connected camera attached properties.
  • liveview - list the selected camera liveview settings
  • camera - list the selected camera parameters
  • camera. - list the selected camera specified parameters available values


Will capture with selected camera, a optional parameter can be set with a file name capture c:\pictures\capture1.jpg If only a file name is specified the captured file will be transferred in session folder with specified file name. This option alter the session folder and/or the file name template


Capture without autofocus


Execute a window command. For available commands use List cmds. All command are key sensitive

Special commands (this will return error message if any)
  • StartRecord
  • StopRecord
Live view commands
  • LiveView_Focus - Auto focus in live view
  • LiveView_Capture - Capture in live view, simple capture will not works with all camera models
Other commands
  • CaptureAll - Will capture with all connected cameras
  • NextSeries - Will increase the series number
Bulb capture commands (works if the astro windows is open)
  • StartBulb - Start bulb capture
  • EndBulb - Stop bulb capture
  • Bulb_CaptureTime_<value> - Set the capture time to <value>
  • Bulb_NumOfPhotos_<value>
  • Bulb_WaitTime_<value>
  • Bulb_PhdWait_<value>
  • Bulb_AutomaticGuiding_<0|1>
  • Bulb_PhdType_<value>

Available parameters (Get, Set, List)

  • shutterspeed
  • iso
  • exposurecompensation
  • aperture
  • focusmode
  • whitebalance
  • mode
  • compressionsetting


All examples are for Capture with a specified filename : c:\pictures\capture1.jpg

Tcl scripting

dcc set session.folder c:\pictures
dcc set session.filenametemplate capture1
dcc capture

Remote Utility

CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c set session.folder c:\pictures
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c set session.filenametemplate capture1
CameraControlRemoteCmd.exe /c capture

Script editor

set session.folder c:\pictures
set session.filenametemplate capture1

Web interface


Named Pipes