Tcl Scripting

More about Tcl scripting on and some tutorials Not all commands are supported. In place of puts the echo command should be used to output text to output window. The scripts can be executed in Tools panel -> Script Execution

digiCamControl related commands

dcc This command will execute a single line command dcc <command> <param1> <param2>

More on Single Command System

echo will write to script output a text, use in place of puts echo sometext


Iso bracketing

set min_iso 400
set max_iso 800

set original_iso [dcc Get Iso]
set iso_range    [dcc List Iso]

set i 1
foreach iso $iso_range {

    if { $iso >= $min_iso && $iso <= $max_iso } {
        echo "Taking photo $i with ISO = $iso"
        dcc Set Iso $iso
        dcc capture
        incr i

# set back the original iso
dcc Set Iso $original_iso

Startup script example, the script will activate the live view windows and start the motion detection

# wait 2 seconds after application start
after 2000
# start live view 
dcc do LiveViewWnd_Show
after 1000
# activate motion detection
dcc do LiveViewWnd_StartMotionDetection
# maximize live view window
dcc do LiveViewWnd_Maximize

Record video for 5 sec

dcc do LiveViewWnd_Show
dcc do LiveViewWnd_StartRecord
after 5000
dcc do LiveViewWnd_Hide

Set live view capture delay to 5 sec and start live view window

# wait 2 seconds after application start
after 2000
dcc set liveview.capturedelay 5
# start live view 
dcc do LiveViewWnd_Show

Start barcode window and set session pat and file name template

dcc set session.folder C:\\HOT FOLDER
dcc set session.filenametemplate {[Barcode]}
# start live view 
dcc do BarcodeWnd_Show