Web Interface

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The qr code button is active only if the web service is enabled in Settings->Webserver

Usage examples

The localhost can be replaced with local computer ip number

Capture http://localhost:5513/?CMD=Capture

Download the selected photo http://localhost:5513/preview.jpg

Start live view http://localhost:5513/?CMD=LiveViewWnd_Show

Live view current displayed photo frame (works only if the live view is started) http://localhost:5513/liveview.jpg

Stop live view http://localhost:5513/?CMD=LiveViewWnd_Hide

Minimize all windows http://localhost:5513/?CMD=All_Minimize

Download a image with a specified name, name should exist in current session (ex.: DSC_0001.jpg)

http://localhost:5513/image/<image name>

Thumbnails (only works if the thumbnail is generated)


Download current session data http://localhost:5513/session.json

Single Command System, all lines will return OK if no error else the error messages or the command response (for list and get)


Capture with a specified camera CAM1. The camera parameter can be the camera name or the camera serial number http://localhost:5513/?slc=capture&camera=CAM1

Get the last captured file name if the capture is in progress a - character will be returned http://localhost:5513/?slc=get&param1=lastcaptured&param2=