Create new workflow

Start the application and clicking on menu (1) and selecting the Create New Workflow, a new card will be add with the name New Workflow Now we should edit this new workflow by clicking on the card lower right corner(1) and selecting Edit(2)

Define variables

Variables are used to query and set values for actions. In this section you should define all used variables by the application by clicking on the Variables(1) and Add variable(2) and a new line will be show up (3) in the right panel(4) you can rename the parameter, set a type and a default value. If the Reinit after session is checked the variable will be initialized with the default value every time when a new session is started else the variable value is saved and loaded when a new session is start.

Define folowing variables:

Name Default value Item variable Type Reinit after session
FileNameTemplate String
CurrentView String
BackupFolder String
Backup Boolean
Counter Number
ModelName String
Folders String
CapturedFileName String
CapturedFilesCount 0 Number X

Define views

Views are pages(windows) of the workflow, this are used to display elements(controls), captured images and live view 3 views are used in this example, the main windows, one for the settings and one for the live view.

Define view elements and actions

View elements are used to trigger a action or query a variable values.

Define events

Events are triggered when "something hapen" like photo captured or variable value changed. For every event can be attached a action list