Image transfer from Lightroom

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Image transfer from Lightroom

Post by JohnL » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:10 am

I looking at DigiKam as an alternative cataloging program to Lightroom. I'm at the stage of transferring images from Lightroom to mDigiKam.

I exported my entire image collection using "JF Folder Publisher" to a new disk drive. This produced a folder structure on the disk identical to my collection set structure in Lightroom, with processed imaged in the appropriate folders. I was then able to import all my images amazingly quickly (over 32,0000 of them).

The user interface seems to be extremely good.

My question now is - is there a way to import the metadata associated with images? This will include captions, copyright information, and so on.

Image transfer from Lightroom


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Post by Joshuaveift » Fri Feb 05, 2021 7:49 am

Im about to move a lot of folders to a new location to be imported into OWM. I was wondering if there was:

a A limit to the number of folders that can be mapped in the art image manager
b A limit to the number of images that can be imported? I have roughly 3,701


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