increase capture speed from script

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increase capture speed from script

Post by dtemp93 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:18 pm


I'm running the RemoteCmdUtility from a python script where my desire is to take 1/4 second exposures (as fast as possible, indefinitely).

I've scoured these boards and I've seen reference to the serial shutter control methods, but I'm not sure how that helps.

I've got the output set to monochrome, but even with a low image quality, the process for 1 exposure and transfer is 3.9-4.8 seconds.
This timing is from explicitly for the exposure and transfer and not for any scripting overhead.

What can be done to increase the FPS? Even if I were able to get 1 FPS, that would be a huge win. My application is sensitive to the interframe delay.

increase capture speed from script


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