ASCOM driver for Nikon with firmware hack?

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ASCOM driver for Nikon with firmware hack?

Post by moritz8712 » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:11 am

Hello together

I ask a question which sounds maybe a bit strange. I'm one of the users of a hacked Nikon camera (D600). DSLRs are very good, but if you want to use them for serious astro imaging, then you need the firmware hack ( to give you access to the unprocesses data (dark current). It works and gives astonishing results. BUT: Normal astro programs can't read the camera anymore. But Digicamcontrol can do it! I work with it and love it for that. It is simple and it does the job of controling the camera.

And now comes the problem: For serious astro imaging you need much more than Digicamcontrol. You have to synchronize the telescope, do plate solving, control the filter wheel, the focuser, the rotator, auto focus. You have to do session planning with all these functions included. And much more. And everything has to be synchronized with the picture taking. So either Digicamcontrol could try to get one of these huge programs which is a very very far way and make it lose its beauty and simplicity. Or digicam could keep focused on its on stregths but do a GREAT (!!) contribution for the astro community if it would support to bring its Nikon interface to the ASCOM world. Then also the big astro programs could work with the modified Nikons. As I understood you have the code for the native DSLR PTP while all others work with Nikon SDK which unfortunately does not work with the firmware modification.

Is there anybody who would support such an idea?


ASCOM driver for Nikon with firmware hack?