Questions: License and features of DCC

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Martin Hoppe
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Questions: License and features of DCC

Post by Martin Hoppe » Mon Jun 20, 2022 2:13 pm

Hello nice girls and guys...

I have some questions regarding DigiDamControls license and features.

I am happy to become sort of a technical assistant in a company in Berlin this autumn. The company wants to setup a photostation for product photography: It shall have several DMX-controllable LEDs and a motorized table to take 360 degree photos. Now I am good in programming Arduinos and as far as I can see DCC would be a great start to setup such a photostation. But I have some questions:

1.: when connecting a DMX-controller to an Arduino the DMX-lights could somehow become integrated into DCC via plugin, right?
2.: also the motor could be integrated via Arduino, right?
3.: the license allows me to brand the program with the companies logo and may become part of a photostation solution that some day might be sold together with this software, is that true?

BTW.: That`s an amazing piece oft software, really great! Thanls a lot!

Questions: License and features of DCC


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Re: Questions: License and features of DCC

Post by admin » Wed Jun 22, 2022 8:10 am

1. There is a Arduino plugin which can comunicate with any device which use serial communication, but it is too generic, but using the plugin as source can be adapted to a specific application
2. Same as 1
3. Yes