canon 600 D unrecognized

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canon 600 D unrecognized

Post by smugles » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:52 pm

Hello, I am new on the forum, thank you for your help, my English is not very good, I ask you to answer me with simple words. Thank you.

I am worried for a few days:
My DigiCamControl software unrecognized my Canon 600D (penultimate version) while it perfectly sees the Canon 50D
=> and of course it is with the C600D that I would like to work ......: lol:
(I still have all others versions 2 in archive)

- I installed the version 2.0.0 which worked very well with the C 600D, then the version, then the version and finally the last unrecognized for my Canon.
- so is not a problem with the version even when putting the first version .... he can not see it anymore.

- I do not think that the USB plug of the Canon is HS (?) because the connection USB / computer => the computer indicates to me by a sound that the connection is done, but I do not have the icon in visual in 'this computer' to open the photos folder ...

- in the device manager under Win 10: I unroll the USB bus controllers and everything is good, no error code,
- in open peripherals and printers: it appears
- if I click on the Canon icon: I do not have the possibility to enter the photos folder, but a window opens: Canon Digital Camera with:
=> change the general settings of this device
=> I did a problem solving: answer computer: the device may have stopped working: Fixed
- I do not have any worries about 'unrecognized device'
- no recent drivers provided on Canon website.
- I recently made a change between the original battery against a 230v mains supply; having no HDMI cable I can not control this port with this software and my computer.
the DCC software tells me a gray battery charge .... so may not be recognized !!
=> once reconnected to this software I still have no Canon in sight ... soc battery or mains: now I am stuck .....
in my 600D Canon menu nothing looks like communication ......

the battery works very well, the power supply too ..... but more with the software !!!!!! While the pc sounds when my ref connects to USB .....
- I completely uninstalled this app and delivered the first version version: nothing done!
I can not go back to a previous system restore point.

With the last 2 versions: I now have the web cam that appears !! thing that I did not have before these versions ..... It does not matter if the direction or the dialog box displays the 50D when it is connected ..... I switch the correct device. ....

I will try a reset on the 600D ?
I found this DCC cool instead of EOS Utility ....... now why not put EOS Utility? ......

Thank you for your help....

canon 600 D unrecognized