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D3200 Doesnt remote shutte after digicamcontrol use

Posted: Sat May 22, 2021 12:13 am
by pyruss
We have been using digicam to control our 120+ D3200 nikon photogrametry rig for 5 years

At this point 12 units no longer remote releave (phottix stratoII)
It would happen randomly after we change focus mode (MF hard).

Somehow these cameras no longer remote release, they still focus (on trigger touch) and release on physical click and via A/V out cable (via capture button on digicam) but no longer release on strato remote trigger mc2 cable

could this be digicam or some problem with mc2 jack?

recently 5 x D3200 stopped working simultaniosly after we calibrate info (focous mode / capture mode) in digicam control

What could possibly be happening?