D3400 Astrophotography Mode

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D3400 Astrophotography Mode

Post by CodySydney » Sun Sep 19, 2021 1:53 am

Hi everyone,

I'm using a Nikon D3400 in astro mode, I know it's not a good camera for this, but it's what I have at the moment. The problem is, the shutter duration and cooldown time don't bare any relation to what I set in the app. For example, I set 5 second duration, 5 shots, 3 seconds between shots. What I get is 5 shots of 4 seconds duration, or 5 or 7 as far as I can tell; with a timer that goes from 5 to -2 (or -4 or -1 or 0) then a cooldown of 7 seconds.

I've installed on two different laptops and both give the same symptoms. I'm starting to suspect that this camera just doesn't give enough control to the software for astro mode to work right. Its dial is set to M of course.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I've not found any other software that works with this camera (e.g. Astro Photography Tool just says "what camera? that's not a camera!")


D3400 Astrophotography Mode