Canon EOS RP video "file transfer disabled"

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Canon EOS RP video "file transfer disabled"

Post by kayneduncanson » Fri Mar 04, 2022 5:01 am

Hi there,

I am using digicamcontrol with two Canon EOS RP cameras connected via USB.

With both of the cameras in 'SCN' AKA 'special scene mode', I am recording video with one camera and taking a photo with the other camera while the video is recording.

I have the file save setting to 'Save to PC and Camera' from the bottom left of the home window. Both the video and the photo save to the SD card of respective cameras, however, the video recording isn't being saved to the PC and I receive the notification "file transfer disabled". Of note, I DO NOT have download jpg file only checked in the Session settings.

Can someone please help me with this?

Canon EOS RP video "file transfer disabled"