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Nikon D3200 Lv aperture is wrong

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 10:34 am
by Bathsheba
Nikon D3200, Aperture mode. When I start dCC it reads the aperture setting in the camera correctly, usually 16 to 25. But when I start Live View the aperture resets to its lowest value, 3.8. When I exit Lv it is again the correct value, but when I start Lv again it's wrong again. Since I take most of my photos in Lv, it's a dang nuisance, I have to fix it by hand every time.

I feel like this is new with the last release: before that update the aperture in Lv started at the camera setting, which I think is the expected behavior.

(Also in Live View, I don't want to see the focus control bar ever. I never use it and it obstructs the picture. I have to turn it off every time I enter Lv. Is there a way to turn it off permanently, or at least persistently?)