Add X/Y Scaling to Overlays in Live View

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Add X/Y Scaling to Overlays in Live View

Post by CasualKnight » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:14 pm

So, i plan to use this software for stop motion animation with my Canon EOS 600D, but when i use the Overlays feature for "Onion Skinning", I found an issue. It wasn't the software's fault, it's more to my camera.

The LCD Screen of my camera is 1920-1080p resolution, meaning that "Live View" is using the output of the LCD Screen to view the live feed. But the photos that are taken by the camera are slightly bigger than the LCD Screen's Resolution. To be exact, it's 1920-1280 resolution. This means that the "Use last captured" feature is slightly larger in height, because of the difference in resolution. I have spent hours trying to fix this, looking through the camera options to change the resolution manually. Sadly the camera only changes resolution to 1920-1080 for recording video, and not for photography.

I think it would help a lot if there was X/Y scaling for the Overlays, so we can position our Overlays better, to match the Live View.

Add X/Y Scaling to Overlays in Live View


Duka Istvan
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Re: Add X/Y Scaling to Overlays in Live View

Post by Duka Istvan » Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:08 pm

Almost all camera models have a option to set live view for video or image, please check your camera menu if there is such option

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