Nikon D610 issue with cameracontrol .dll

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Nikon D610 issue with cameracontrol .dll

Post by bwilkins » Thu May 31, 2018 6:00 pm

Hello there,

I have a program that has been running interfacing with a Nikon d610 since August of last year with no issues.
Yesterday my Windows 10 box that has been running this software got the new dreaded update and ever since then my software has randomly been freezing for 30 seconds when i call cameradevice.captureNOAF returning a device busy exception. i wrapped this call in a thread and made it timeout using a manual reset object after one second... if it times out i abort the thread and try again before the exception is called because CaptureNoAF SHOULD return almost immediately. This seems to have helped, but i wont know until later today when my employees are using the program in production. My question is. Has anyone seen this kind of behavior? I just find it odd that it started happening the day that this box got the new update... strange.

Thank you for an awesome library Dukus!

Nikon D610 issue with cameracontrol .dll


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Re: Nikon D610 issue with cameracontrol .dll

Post by HONWAKA » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:46 am

Hi, bwilkins,

It does not work normally /captureNoAf option on command prompt of Windows10. (Ver2.0.76.0 and Ver2.1.0.0; Nikon-D5300) me too.
CameraControlCmd.exe /Capture => Works complete.
CameraControlCmd.exe /CaptureNoAf => Not return to prompt. (return if break USB connection)
So i have also forced timed out by powershell timeout function.

Thank you.