DCC and Snapbridge

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DCC and Snapbridge

Post by konrad8 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:02 am

just to report a surprising finding, I own a Nikon D7500 and did the recent update to firmware V1.10. A feature added is the capability for WiFi only connection for Snapbridge. So I started the Snapbridge app on my phone and it worked after some exercises without Bluetooth link.
Motivated by this I wen for my laptop and connected to the AP exposed by the cam. I could start the connection, now getting more curious I started DigiCamControl and used the Nikon Wifi adapters for setting up the connection and ... very big surprise... the camera got detected and I could eg operate the shutter, several other data is also shown. What is missing is the picture transfer, also LiveView is missing. For identification the camera type is shown incl serial number, but picture of the camera body is missing (DCC / Nikon D7500).

Looking a bit deeper I ran Wireshark while connecting to cam and taking two shots. This identifies the data exchange for PTP/IP
What surprises me is about the typical background for the Bluetooth link which usually is done for security and to share WiFi credentials confidential. I was expecting a certifiacte change or similar as part of the initial camera subscription to the app, but this looks not to be the case.

For me it looks an interesting aproach to follow this further for support of this and other Nikon cams with buitin WiFi to support this wireless tethered shooting. The delta to the WU 1a/1b does not look to be that big, just the way for picture transfer and selection of body picture looks to be different.
For proof I attach a snapshot of the left column of DCC, the respective Wireshark and logfile of DCC I will share on request (serial no etc.), please PN.

DCC and Snapbridge


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