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Fast product photo

Post by repairrestore » Fri Jan 05, 2024 2:15 pm

We are selling 2nd hand and pre-loved clothes. I want to start using an automated flow with digicamcontrol and have a question.

Our flow is like this:
- operator pick up a garment
- looks at the garment and identify the type, category, etc
- Create product in our Product database software (including category, attributes and the article number)
- Using RestAPI to trigger a capture in digicamcontrol automatically from webserver.

1. How do I save the photo with the correct filename (as article number) on my server so I can tell our database to fetch images in the folder URL: The purpose of this is for the webpage to display products automatically from the folder which has the same article number as the product.
2. I also want to take between 1-10 images on each product which then has to trigger a new filename when I change to a new articlenumber.

Maybe someone has similar experience. I'm open to change the workflow. Thanks :)

Fast product photo


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