File name template editor

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File name template editor

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We are trying to do some custom naming for the transferred images as followed:
The images come in pairs,
Image 1: "[Object name]_1_CrP"
Image 2: "[Object name]_1_LinP"
Image 3: "[Object name]_2_CrP"
Image 4: "[Object name]_2_LinP"

So on and so forth. I tried using the file name template editor but was unsuccessful. Saw a 9 year old post from here, they were trying to achieve something very similar, but they didn't have their problems resolved. ... php?t=1813
We are doing some photogrammetry and are taking two images from the same spot, but with different polarization,
Would it be possible to do this using the default plugins, or should we develop our own?

Köszi előre :)

File name template editor


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