Multi Camera Triggering in sync solution

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Multi Camera Triggering in sync solution

Post by carlhenriksson » Wed May 06, 2020 2:17 pm


I have been testing different software solutions to trigger cameras via usb hubs in sync with flashes. There are atleast two other software solutions that can accomplish this reasonably well. The limitations to get good sync for thoose are to have a shutter speed at 1/60 and slower and the second part is that there has to be an option to first pre focus the cameras and activate them and then await and do second capture click/command. Its basically same as doing a halfpress with a corded solution , sending a prefocus comand, and then a second command to make the capture and since all cameras are active they fire in sync with very limited delay.

Currently in digicam the cameras are not capturing in sync when im testing and maybe a solution like the above could make it better , not 100% sure whats required but since other softwares could do it i assume its just a matter of minor tweaks to digicam? Or maybe its already doable but im not aware of how to do it properly ?

Im aware of the posibility to use esper boxes or arduino devices, but im just curious about improving the sync with Usb only.



Multi Camera Triggering in sync solution