Astro Bulb Problem In v2.1.4.0

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Astro Bulb Problem In v2.1.4.0

Post by trizban » Thu Apr 07, 2022 11:40 am


I installed v2.1.4.0, and I am checking out the Astronomy Module.
Live View works very well with my Nikon Cameras (both D750, Z50).
In the bulb window ("Astronomy"), I set the exposure time to 1 second, and the result is 4 seconds, sometime 5 seconds. It also shows 5 in the countdown.
PHD Guiding is off, and set to 0.
It seems like it's adding 3 seconds of exposure time no matter what the bulb time is.
Also important, because of this issue, there is no time between 2 shots. Some shakes are inevitable and visible in the images. So, I can set bulb exposure of 150 seconds for instance but there is no time between shots. And this is very important of course.

As a summary:
- I can't use bulb for less than 5s
- There is no time between 2 shots

The script part works correctly though: if I put in 1 second, then start script, everything works as expected. And the wait time command allows time between 2 shots.

This problem has already been raised on v2.0.69 beta ( ... bulb#p4533) but got no answer.

The work around is to create the script as the intervalometer with bulb does not work but that's not convenient for more than a few frames whereas we need (much) more for astrophotography.

Did I miss something please?

Astro Bulb Problem In v2.1.4.0