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Camera and focus setting

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2023 9:39 am
by DarioU
Good morning and thank you very much for the very useful program. I just started using it and I have some questions to ask. Thank you anyway.
1) Is it better to set both the camera and the lens to autofocus or the camera to manual and the lens to autofocus so that the program has full control of the focus on the lens?
2) I have a Nikon D7200 with Nikon f 2.8 105 micro and I use extension tubes I usually use f 5.6. If I set the "Focus step" to 4 I have the progression of the shots but the focus does not change and I have all the photos the same. If I set the Focus step to 12 I have both progression of shots and focus and everything works well. I have no idea, even an approximate one, of what an adequate focus step size is. Is there an approximate table about an appropriate Focus step or even just advice from experience for 2:1 magnification?
Thank you again